Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I'm Back!!!

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We have been moving into our new home that we had built and I was without internet for quite a while.  Moving can be a pain, but we are so happy with the new house and I am ready to pick things back up!!!  The last lens I created was How to Clean Your Spoon Collection.  Somehow I will need connect with more spoon collectors, as these seem to currently be my least popular lenses.  I realize after not being on Squidoo for more than two weeks that it is a weekly, perhaps even daily, hobby.  Within that time all of my lenses have stopped having earning rankings, except three.  Two of those three were ones I created for RocketSquids challenges, so it does pay to be part of the group.  I also missed two RocketSquids challenges during my time away from the internet, but this week the challenge is to write a Top 10 lens, which I am very excited about!  Time to socialize again and get the word out on my lenses!!!  Good luck to you other writers out there and make sure to check out my stuff ;)  New lens coming to ya soon...

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