Saturday, September 08, 2012

First Pay Day!!!


It isn't much, but my first pay day has finally come!  My charity lens hasn't made any money yet, the Discover My Mother Had Cancer article, so you won't see that for a while but I hope it will soon.  I also would like to create more lenses (articles) for charity down the road.  My pay out is at a dollar right now, so I will increase that as I make more.  I have been waiting for this milestone!  Feeling good today and got some good motivation from it all!!!


  ~ Cash Paid Via PayPal ~

July 2012 royalties (paid out 09/08/2012)


  • Total royalty-earning lenses on date: 4 lenses
  • Total donated to charity: $0.00
                                                                                                                            (BREAK DOWN)
Lens Payments Paid  Chrty TxtLnk AdPool Total
Family Vacation – Driving to Your Summer Destination $0.47  $0.00 $0.11   $0.36      $0.47
Dragons: Just a Myth or Real Creatures? $0.47  $0.00 $0.11   $0.36      $0.47
My Top Three Baby Calming Products $0.47  $0.00 $0.11   $0.36      $0.47
Best Ways to Save Big on Large Appliances at Sears $0.47  $0.00 $0.11   $0.36      $0.47
Subtotal $1.88  $0.00 $0.44   $1.44      $1.88
Reserve Hopper & Other Account Payments Total
Subtotal $0.00
Less PayPal Cash Adjustment                                          
Transaction fee $-0.04 GRAND TOTAL: $1.84 PAID

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