Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Some Things To Keep in Mind

Sometimes when you're writing on the internet you have to give yourself a good slap in the face!  I realized, once again, that lenses I created this month won't start earning any money until next month, which means the Haunted Hayride lens I wrote won't earn anything until next year.  DANG!  Here is a realization I also had then and possible tip.  If you want to write great articles for a holiday or special event, start writing or updating them the month before!  Also, I think I might have mentioned this before, but PING YOUR LENSES!  You can do it free at Squidutils and should do it every time you update or change something on your lens (article on Squidoo).  Also keep in mind that these will no longer be popular after the actual day has passed, until the next year, so it is a good idea probably to write a few great holiday lenses for holidays throughout the year, so something you have written is always rising in lens ranking.

Also, be careful of the RSS feeds you decide to put on your blogs and lenses.  Many a time I've seen horrible things starting to pop up on articles or blogs that don't match the topic and may be offensive.  I am thinking about writing a lens about it because I don't think people are really aware of it, as I see it happen often.

Anyway, happy writing and may your Squid goals be met!  Don't forget to keep these tips I mentioned in mind ;)

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