Monday, November 17, 2014

Sharing What I've Learned

Wow it is late my time, hence calling myself a night Hubber...probably not when I do my best work, but definitely when I get the most peace and quiet to get the work done.  Where do I even begin?

Okay, so if you haven't pinned your hubs; do it!  If you are an ex-Squid, used to be a member of Squidoo, and have pinned your articles, go through and fix all the links.  It should automatically redirect you to HubPages, but I noticed some of mine weren't and eventually when Squidoo is completely gone there could be a problem redirecting.  The other thing is that you can earn money by referring people who sign up on HubPages - you get 10% of what they earn from HubPages earnings (not from the writer).  How do you do it?  This is my referral link:  -  once you are signed up, go to My Account > Earnings > Referral TrackersThere you will find your referral code.  Replace my code, shown in bold in the link above, with yours and you are set!  Pin your referral link as well!  When you are creating or updating your hubs you will wonder why it is so important to add a summary to your hubs even though it doesn't even show up after you publish.  Well, when you pin a hub, as long as you pic the first picture after your summary; the summary will show with the pin.   (You can follow me on Pinterest here: and if you leave me your link in a comment I will follow you.)  Which brings me to my next subject...

I found some great stuff on the forums of HubPages.  Spend some time there and click on profiles to follow those that you feel you learn from or whose writings interest you.  I personally am also trying to find as many ex-Squids as I can.  Following will not only increase your traffic, but hopefully well seasoned Hubbers can send you some pointers as well.  Pin their articles as well to help each other out and save valuable info.  Here is a great hub for those transition from Squid to Hubber:

(BEWARE: mass following can hurt your hub score and cause other issues, so only do a few follows at a time.)

LINKING SITES IS KEY!  Link any and all sites that you are on to each other; Twitter, PinterestGoogle Plus blogs, if you have a Facebook page you feel comfortable it all, so you can get a lot of exposure.  Also, make sure to use those sites to circulate your writing.  There may be a more efficient way of doing this, but after pinning my hub, I post an article (usually my most recent writing) on twitter.  Then, I share it on any pages that I can find on Facebook where the subject is relevant.  Finally, I post it on my blog here.  My newest hub is "Stuffed Animal Must-Haves"; how to keep stuffed animals looking great.  Make sure to edit your profile, and add all of your pages to the links section of your HubPages profile.  You can discover a lot by seeing who is pinning your articles or viewing them on Twitter, it will help you get a feel for what type of writing is working for you.

As for editing my articles: it has been a little crazy, but I think I finally have a system down.  I mainly have been focusing on pages that I see are being viewed frequently and subjects that are popular or relevant; such as holiday articles, and go from there.  First, I have been trying to go through and fix or update any links.  Next, I have been updating my topics, so they are easier to find.  Squidoo seemed to have limited topics, so I have been happy to find a lot more tops and subtopics on HubPages.  Then, I change and delete some of the products I have featured.  I also go through all the pictures and edit the picture source details, as that seems to have gotten all mixed up in the transfer. Finally, I try to go through and edit my content by making it clean and clear.  HubPages is more about content than featuring products, which is great, but makes it difficult to change some of the articles because on Squidoo you earned more money if you were getting sales from your pages and thus tend to have more of your articles focused on that.  I have deleted a couple of articles due to that.

I found out that you can't share the exact details of your earnings from HubPages, so I am guessing I will have some pocket change at the end of the month. lol  I don't really do it for the money though, a little helps, but I really enjoy writing online.  I hope that this has helped someone out there going through the same transition that I am.  Please feel free to share your hubs or profile here and I'd also appreciate it if you encouraged others to follow.

Here is my next goal, figuring out how to add a sitemap to HubPages:

Happy Writing!!! :)

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