Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sales are the Key!

I have a lot of catching up to do!  My family went on vacation at the end of October and it seems I've been trying to catch up with each holiday since.  Well, I only made $2 in November from Sept. and I was really discouraged.  I started to get more involved with church things, play groups with my little boy, working out, holiday stuff, etc. and put Squidoo on the back burner.  Then, I got paid for this month and remembered the sales I had made in Oct.

I realized that you can make money from anything someone buys on Amazon or ebay, as long they started purchasing from a link that you had on your article.  Thus, it is important to have interesting and great products that people want to at least check out because they may not buy that item, but they could buy others that also bring in money for you.

October 2012 royalties (paid out 12/11/2012)

  • Total royalty-earning lenses on date: 7 lenses
  • Total donated to charity: $0.00
Lens Payments Paid Charity AdPool  TLAds  Sales    Total
Halloween Holograms $3.51   $0.00   $0.52      $0.13     $2.86   $3.51
Spooky Zombie Theme Party Food $2.32   $0.00   $0.52      $0.13     $1.66   $2.31
How to Save on Major Appliances at Sears $0.81   $0.00   $0.52      $0.13     $0.15   $0.80
Instant Costumes with Hats and Ski Masks $0.66   $0.00   $0.52      $0.13     $0.00   $0.65
Horrifying Rats $0.66   $0.00   $0.52      $0.13     $0.00   $0.65
Scrumptious Italian Chicken Sandwich $0.66   $0.00   $0.52      $0.13     $0.00   $0.65
Skip-It Toy: Childhood Memories $0.66   $0.00   $0.52      $0.13     $0.00   $0.65
Subtotal $9.25   $0.00   $3.64      $0.91     $4.67   $9.22
Reserve Hopper & Other Account Payments Total
Subtotal $0.00
Less PayPal Cash Adjustment
Transaction fee $-0.18 (This has gone up a lot, maybe because of sales?)

Cash total paid via PayPal: $9.06

(9.25-.18 ~ 9.07 still wrong)                                   Total that should have been paid: $9.04

Not quite sure how they are doing their math, I'm guessing there are some additional decimals being evaluated into the equation?

This is why it is important to go through EVERY pay out!  I did not go through last month's and I really should have.  I don't think it is a big deal here, but what if the payment is really off?

Anyway, as you can see, sales made up over half of what I made made for October!!!!  This is the most I've made so far since starting with Squidoo!

I wanted to get my butt going for December and had all these ideas for Christmas, but lost my gusto and so much came up that I just didn't pull it together.  I am happy to say I made my second charity lens: Carved Christmas Gourds.  I haven't written any other articles, but  I did make some sales this month though!  I am going to push forward for Valentine's and see where it leads me.  It is a good idea to make lenses that are not Valentine's specific, but rather revolve around love or couples, so the lens won't be seasonal.   Here are some other updates and activity from my profile:

 Have you checked out Squidoo's Cozy Magazine yet?


Another purple star!!!!!

I have also had some lenses featured on the Celebrate Magazine the last couple months, but haven't been keeping up on them.  If you still need gift ideas, it is the perfect site!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - Images and gifs for social networks

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