Thursday, June 07, 2012

Big Savings

This time I wrote a lens, it was something I was excited to write about.  My husband and I are currently having a new home built and we wanted to get appliances for a good deal.  Our budget was under $5,000, which can be very difficult to achieve.  I did a bunch of research online, talked to friends, called family to find out how we could make it all work.  We finally decided to get our appliances at Sears, as they seemed to have the best customer service in the area we live, which can be hard to find, and the best prices at the time.  We visited the store several times both online and at the nearest location to get as much information as could.  We hit the Memorial Day preview sale and bought all new large appliances for under $4,000.  We saved over $1,500 from the original prices, perhaps even more than that general area as I have not sat down and actually punched out the numbers.  I could not believe we had done such an amazing thing and I had a deep desire to help others do the same.  While I wrote this article, I started to look at things from a marketing point of view for the first time.  I started looking through the modules and tried a few out to see which ones might fit the best.  I also started playing more with the themes and format of the lens.  If I could recommend something to a new squid it would be to really play around and dabble in a lot of things before you publish your first lens.  In fact, I should probably do that more with this blog, as it is my first and only one.  If you would like find out more about how we saved, here is the link to that lens: Save Big on Large Appliances at Sears

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