Monday, June 18, 2012

Moody Males

My most recent published work is Moody Male Syndrome.  My husband was being really cranky at the time that I decided to write on this topic and not to long after that I also had a friend text me saying that her husband was being moody too, so I did a little research.  Come to find out there is an actual syndrome called Irritable Male Syndrome - I wasn't too far off!  I found some great information on this topic and learned a lot more about men and what makes them get so bothered at times.  My greatest discovery, for me at least, was that men have hormonal cycles just like women - who knew?  It makes sense now having done the research, but it so often seems like everyone only depicts women as having hormonal cycles.  I really liked getting my frustrations out while writing this lens.  It is amazing how therapeutic writing on Squidoo has been for me.  This was also the first lens that I used a duel debate module on; it should make for an interesting part of the lens if people start to vote on who is the moodiest sex.

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 Whatever you do, do not tell your husband he has this while he is mad, it makes him more upset.  I think it is funny, but I know some women might need the warning.

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