Friday, June 08, 2012


I still need to catch everyone up on my other lenses, but I had a break through with my articles that I was excited to share.  So what I found out is that in order to start getting paid for your lenses on Squidoo, you need a lens ranking of 85,000 or lower.  Basically this is how noticeable your lens is amongst all the others, so you want a low number.  Up until now, which I've only been a member for less than a month and have 4 lenses right now, I've had a ranking in the mid 200,000 area.  Considering how many people must be involved on Squidoo, at first I was kind of happy with that.  Then, yesterday I started to get a little discouraged.  I did some searching and I found this article ""  This is a great article for anyone trying to get more traffic to their blog.  I only tried a few of the tips and in one day my ranking went up by 100,000!  I'm not making money yet, but this really put the wind back in my sails and I am ready to push on.  One key I have also realized in increasing your views on Squidoo is to get involved with the community; like other lenses, comment, take polls, take quizzes, ask questions, and people will start to notice you.  I just love how this is one site where you get rewarded for being kind to others and helping one another.  I am now feeling a little more positive about everything.  It is hard to write articles that you think are amazing, that others would also enjoy and find helpful, and then realize that no one is really looking at your work, so I now know I need to get the word out.  I also got a few likes and comments on my lenses yesterday, so I am feeling really good!

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