Thursday, June 07, 2012

My First Lens

 I wasn't quite sure about the world that I had entered when I started a profile on Squidoo. The first story I decided to write about was when I found out my mother had cancer while I was pregnant.  It was one of the worst and joyful experiences of my life all mixed into one.  I finally felt like I could deal with it all and that maybe I could get past the pain if I wrote about what happened and my reactions throughout it.  I started a draft and pretty much forgot about it for weeks.  Once I finally got back on Squidoo, I found that I had not yet published my lens.  I quickly got to work and once I published this first article I found that I wanted to immediately start the next.  With this article I decided that any money made from it should go towards a cancer charity on behalf of my mom.  I really appreciate and admire that Squidoo has that feature.  To read the lens click the following link: My First Lens

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