Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Lens, New Modules

Well, I decided to go ahead and create a new lens yesterday.  This time it was on Tricks to Quick Cleaning and I tried a lot of new things with this lens.  There was actually a lens Squidoo HQ published that talked about a few new modules that you could try this weekend and I tried a couple of those, which included a sticky note, along with an Amazon MP3 module I had never used before.

What is a module?  Well, as Squidoo puts it they are the building blocks of your lens.  The text itself is actually a certain module. Depending on how you use them, they add character, can feature products or songs, and just all around help your article become a little more interesting.

My process for writing my lenses goes a little like this; I type out my thoughts, give it structure, and as I enter the content into the dashboard I add modules that bring a little something extra to the article, I publish it, then view it and start to go through every little detail, republish a few times, and finally leave it alone when I think it is looking great.  Did I ever mention I have an AA in Business Marketing?  That's probably why I love doing this so much!  I have to be careful of word "useage"and spelling, as I've never been very good at that part of writing, but the visual part of this is right up my alley.

On a side note, my Five Feel-Good Movie Favorites lens is currently ranked at a little over 75,300, which I believe means I should start seeing some money come from this soon!  I still need to do more reading, but if I'm remembering how this works clearly, there is about a two month lag time on the payout and only the articles that have Tier 3 ranking or higher by the beginning of the next month are counted.  I think that means if I were to get paid on this lens it would be counted at the beginning of next month and I would get paid two months later.  I have to look into this a little more....stay tuned, as next time I will try to explain little more about Tiers and pay.

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