Friday, June 22, 2012

Dragons - Reality or Myth?

I just published a lens, in the wee hours of the morning, in which I looked into the possibilities of dragons actually existing. I did the most research and had the most content in this lens than any other, thus far. It took three days, several hours a day, to write the content and I started putting it on Squidoo at about 11pm and did not finish until 3am! I obsessed a little too much on this one probably. I tried a few new modules and kind of took a different formatting approach. In my lens, Dragons More Reality Than Myth, I wanted my readers to look at dragons in a different light and, if they aren't believers, to plant the seed of possibility. I personally love dragons and think they could be real. What fun is life if we can't keep an open mind and imagination? I also featured another lensmaster that had written a lens about free dragon clipart, which sure came in handy when I was putting my lens together. I cover dragons throughout history, the world, and here today. It still amazes me that practically every part of the world believes in a type of dragon! How can anyone explain that?!? I haven't heard of any other mythical creature or folklore that has been so widely spread amongst people, with the exception on Santa Clause, but that that is a lens for someone else to write, as the research on this lens took way longer than I want to spend on others. It is so much easier when you write about something you know well - that is almost part of who you are.

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